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AION Naturals was founded by Shane Snow and Ryan Snow; brothers from California.

Shane: “My brother and I discovered cannabidiol (CBD) and its restorative properties in the search for pain management for our grandfather who had Alzheimer’s. Our grandfather, Ray, experienced side effects from his pain medication that were severe enough for our family to search for an alternative.”


We offer premium grade, full spectrum, organic CBD from Colorado Rocky grown hemp.


Our grandfather, Raymond, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015. He suffered back pain and hip problems due to working long hours in a factory. Raymond was prescribed pain medication to ease the chronic debilitating pain from his disease.

Not long after new symptoms appeared in Raymond including known side effects from opiate medication withdrawal: perspiration, mood swings, constipation, and irregular sleeping patterns.

These symptoms were severe enough for our family to look for alternatives. We happened upon Cannabidiol extract and found CBD reduced the pain as effectively as Raymond’s pain medication. Soon after, we tapered Raymond off his antidepressant and noticed little to no change in his mood.

CBD oil with its gentle therapeutic qualities, helped our family wean our grandfather from medications that caused him as much harm as good.